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News: Greg Davies And Monty Python Come To Netflix

Greg Davies' latest stand-up show, You Magnificent Beast, is the be streamed on Netflix from April 10.

The film of the show was recorded during his UK tour last year. During his set the former teacher revealed that his mother had asked him to stop talking about her onstage. Although this doesn't stop him from talking about her onstage.

News: Python/Comic Strip Producer Dies

The death of producer Michael White has been announced. He was 80. In comedy circles he was most famous for his work with Monty Python and The Comic Strip.

White was a legendary figure in showbusiness, whose colourful life in the theatre and movie world was documented in the recent film The Last Impresario, directed by Gracie Otto.


News: Monty Python's Holy Grail Gets The Singalong Treatment

Cinemas in the UK will be marking the 40th anniversary of the release of Monty Python and the Holy Grail with special one-off singalong screenings in 500 cinemas. The events will take place across the country on Wednesday October 14.

The screenings will be accompanied by a specially filmed exclusive introduction from Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, Eric Idle and John Cleese.


News: Python's Palin & Jones Reunite For Podcast

Former Monty Python stars Michael Palin and Terry Jones will be reuniting to talk about their lengthy careers. They are being interviewed by comedy historian Robert Ross for his podcast Robert Ross Requests The Pleasure at the Museum of Comedy in London on March 29. 

The interview will covering the guest’s lives in comedy before, during and after Monty Python's heyday. They will also talk about their personal favourites and influences. 


News: John Cleese Book Tour

John Cleese is supporting publication of his memoir, So, Anyway… with a nationwide book and theatre tour this autumn.

Book Review: Travelling to Work by Michael Palin

I haven’t seen many reviews of Michael Palin’s latest volume of diaries, which covers the globetrotting years from 1988 - 1998. This might be because reviewers are still wading through the 500-plus pages. This is not a difficult book to read at all, but boy, is it long.


Week Ahead: June 30 - July 6

There is only one gig in town that everyone is talking about this week. Yes, that’s right, Simon Munnery Sings Soren Kierkegaard at the Museum of Comedy on Tuesday.

Opinion: The Missing Monty Python Link

I have to say I thought everything by the soon-to-return Monty Python was on the internet by now, but I was reminded of something this morning and went to check and it doesn't seem to be online. Back in the 1970s Eric Idle and Terry Jones starred in the brilliant "nudge nudge" sketch in which Idle played an interfering busy-body who wouldn't leave Jones' upright, bowler-hatted Englishman alone in the pub.


Opinion: Why I Hate Sketch Comedy

Well, of course I don't hate sketch comedy. But, heck, it’s a crowded market out there, I’ve got to get you to click on the link somehow. So now I’ve got your attention I’ll explain and expand. Sketch comedy is probably my least favourite form of comedy. When I go to gigs I prefer stand-up. When I’m watching TV I prefer a sitcom. I’ll frequently watch sketches on YouTube, but the quality is so inconsistent my laptop is invariably in danger of being lobbed out of the window before you can say "buffering".

News: Michael Palin Solo Tour

Monty Python's Michael Palin is to set out on a solo tour this autumn. The tour will start in Crawley in September and end in his hometown of Sheffield in October and will be called Travelling To Work – the same title as his third volume of diaries to be published at the same time, covering his post-Python career when he became famous for his globetrotting documentaries.



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