News: Mark Thomas Investigates The NHS

Comedian Mark Thomas is currently performing one show and is touring a new show early next year, but is already working on his next major show which will premiere at the Traverse Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in summer 2018.

In Our NHS @ 70 Thomas will take a long, hard look at the state of the National Health Service. He is working on the show with Nick Kent, the former artistic director of the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn where Thomas regularly performs.

Thomas is currently researching the show and part of the research will be a show at the Battersea Arts Centre on December 11 entitled The Health Lottery. In the BAC show Thomas will be talking to Professor Sir Michael Marmot to discuss health differentials in England and their effect on the NHS. Tickets are £2.50 and can be bought here. The BAC website says there are concessions for "anyone who can prove they have an offshore bank account..."

Thomas is also performing his A Show that Gambles on the Future at the Leicester Square Theatre on December 16 & 17. Tickets here.

From January Thomas will be touring with Showtime From The Frontline, which tells the story of how Thomas and his team set out to run a comedy club for two nights in the Palestinian city of Jenin only to find it’s not so simple to celebrate freedom of speech in a place with so little freedom. Details here.





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