News: World Premiere Of New Mark Thomas NHS Show Announced

The World Premiere of the new show from Mark Thomas has been announced.

Check Up: NHS at 70 will open at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival in August.

Since last August, Mark Thomas has toured his 2017 sell-out Fringe show A Show that Gambles on the Future, before devising and touring a whole new show – Showtime from the Frontline – which appeared at the Traverse Theatre to a string of five-star reviews. In the short time since, Thomas has turned his attention to our very own National Health Service, with Check Up: Our NHS at 70 sparked by the realisation that, if he, now aged 54, makes it to 84, then the NHS will be 100. What will they both look like? Based on a series of interviews with leading experts in and on the NHS, residencies in hospitals and surgeries, and with theatre director Nicolas Kent, Thomas uses his own demise to explore the state we’re in – what's going wrong in our NHS, how can we fix it, and what might the future hold for us all. Directed by Nicolas Kent.

Tickets go on sale Thursday 22 March via 0131 228 1404 and online at

Mark Thomas is currently on tour with this.

Picture Tracey Moberley.


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