News: The New Mark Thomas Show Is An Absolute Steal

mark thomas celebrates Swearing Ban Dropped In Salford
Join Mark Thomas for one night only in the Museum of Stolen Things, the first ever pop-up museum of the nicked, at the Musuem of Comedy in Bloomsbury on March 17.
The price is a £5 but there is a catch – you also have to bring along something stolen to get in. Thomas describes the concept as "a kind of anarchist version of the Antiques Roadshow."
It is suggested that fans can bring anything from a bookies pen upwards. Although please note that we here at BTJ do not condone or endorse major art theft or, for that matter, any other criminal action.
The show will be recorded for Mark’s new podcast “Brit-ish” in which he explores our institutions, culture and history in a valiant and possibly vain attempt to find out how the bloody hell we got to this state. 
Thomas will also be recording episodes of “Brit-ish” from Monday 11 March at the Lush Media Studio, Beak Street in Soho. Tickets are £10 here

Terms and Conditions for the Museum of Comedy show have been laid down by Thomas as follows: 

*Anyone who does not bring along a stolen item will not be admitted and we will keep your fiver. 

**All items will be returned at the end of the show unless we like them. 

***The Museum of Stolen Things is only three minutes walk away from the British Museum. 

Tickets for the event, which will take place on March 17, are a steal at £5 and are available here
Picture: Steve Ullathorne


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