News: Mark Thomas To Compose New National Anthem

Mark Thomas is planning to create a new national anthem.

On March 11 he will be joined by satirists Jonny and the Baptists and the fifty members of the Commoners Choir for a special recording of his new podcast, Brit-ish.

Thomas says: "Now more than ever we need a song that defines us, that celebrates us and one we can sing as if we are enjoying it rather than look like we are burying a local civic dignitary we hardly knew. Face it, the old anthem is so dull even the Queen doesn’t sing it and it’s about her! "

Mark and the gang will delve into the murky world of anthems and compose new lyrics for a song of the future. Thomas continues: "Ours will be an anthem for hope and joy and a winning tune... Imagine the Eurovision song competition meets Ian Dury, Mary Beard and a military band. We have one night only to overturn centuries of tradition and establish ourselves as the voice of a modern Britain so join us in celebrating all that is great about being Brit-ish."

This special event will take place on Monday 11 March at the Lush Media Studio, Beak Street in Soho at 7pm for recording at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 here

Picture: Steve Ullathorne


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