Interview: Morgana Robinson, The Windsors, C4

Morgana Robinson plays Pippa Middleton in The Windsors, returning to C4 on Wednesdays at 10pm from July 5.


What can you tell us about the new series of The Windsors?

Auntie Anne has another bee in her bonnet, Harry gets a taste for women's clothes and Pippa wears a lot of Lycra.

What can we expect from Pippa in series two? Is she still as feisty in this series?

Hell yeah. She puts a gypsy curse on Kate and is still lamping peeps in the face.

What’s Pippa’s relationship like with Prince Harry this series?

It’s kinda like Ross and Rachel... will they won't they?

What does Pippa make of the arrival of Meghan Markle?

She's none too pleased. But she manages to pin on a smile to get closer to Harry.

How would you describe the show to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

Sort of like The Crown but on steroids.

What it is like working with the rest of the cast?

It’s so fun. We are like kids first day back at school. Reprimanded often.

Are there any anecdotes from filming?

In one of the houses we filmed in, the owner had had a life size wax work made of himself in the hall way. True story.

Did you find corpsing a problem?

Often. They're all funny fuckers. Pepperdine gets me every time. And when one goes, we all go.

Do you have any favourite scenes or storylines?

Fergs misses Andy so much she makes a dummy of him. I scream every time I read it. Wixy plays it so beautifully too.

Did you do anything in the way of research into Pippa, or is that pointless, because you’re not trying to recreate her?

That's right, they're fictitious characters so there's freedom there. I might have injected a few qualities I picked up at public school though ;)

Did you keep across the coverage of Pippa’s wedding?

I saw some pics in a magazine. She looked beautiful. Her waist is teensy weensy! Still not sure where she digests her food!

Royalty seems to be enjoying a lot of popularity on screen. Why do you think we have this enduring fascination with the royals?

It's celebrity in general I think. Maybe we are in lust with what seems out of reach?

Do you ever worry about offending royalists?

No I'm sure they've heard it all before.

Have you been berated by any?

Sadly no, I'm sure you'd feel like a right naughty school girl if Liz clipped you behind the ear though right?

Interview supplied by Channel 4.

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