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TV Review: Toast of Tinseltown, Episode 4, Doctor Grainger, BBC Two

Lots of delicious television comedy intertextuality for long-time fans of Matt Berry tonight as he lands an unexpected role in a trashy TV soap.

After going on an acting course in LA run by Richard Chickentoss people are so convinced that Steven Toast must have actually been a doctor before he lands a pivotal medical role.


TV Review: Toast of Tinseltown, Episode 3, The Scorecard, BBC Two

I think Toast of Tinseltown is my favourite comedy on television at the moment. Each episode is packed with so much comic detail and so much lunacy what's not to like? Oh, and Matt Berry's performance as the perpetually incandescent Steven Toast deserves some kind of award. What kind I can't say.


TV Review: Toast of Tinseltown, Episode 2, BBC Two, LA Story

There's been a bit of chat on social media that Toast of Tinseltown is not quite as good as the old C4 Toast of London and that it tails off a bit after the first episode. Well, that's not my experience. Having just watched episode two - the whole series is available on iPlayer but I'm trying to ration myself by watching one a week – it is still as nutty as ever. Maybe even nuttier. Imagine if David Lynch had decided to make a sitcom rather than creepy, unsettling films.


Toast of Tinseltown – Cast Interviews

Steven Toast (Matt Berry), actor, voice-over artist, and legend of the London theatrical scene, has reached PEAK ANGER. After a final, very violent, confrontation with his old nemesis Ray Purchase, he decides to head off for a new life in the US of A, where he has been promised a ‘leading role’ in a major Hollywood franchise movie.


Toast Comes To BBC iPlayer

Ahead of the eagerly anticipated new series Toast of Tinseltown, the BBC has announced that from today, Thursday 16th December 2021, all three series of Toast of London are available to watch exclusively on BBC iPlayer, the only place in the UK where every episode can be streamed.


Date Confirmed for Toast Of Tinseltown

The transmission date has been confirmed for the new series featuring Matt Berry as hapless actor Steven Toast.

Toast Of Tinseltown will start on BBC Two on Tuesday, 4 January, 2022 at 10pm.

There will be six episodes featuring Toast attempting to make it big in Hollywood.

According to the press information the first episode is entitled Anger Man. 


An Actor Prepares – Matt Berry Gets Ready To Be The Toast Of Tinseltown

Matt Berry looks like he is gearing up to make the new series of Toast now that we are starting to emerge from lockdown.

He posted a picture of himself on Twitter with Steven Toast's trademark white streak back in his hair. 

The new series, with the working title of Toast of Tinseltown marks a change in a number of ways, even though the hair looks like staying the same.

This time the arrogant actor has moved to Hollywood and is attempting to become a movie star.


News: Toast Goes To Hollywood...And BBC One

Matt Berry reprises his role of Steven Toast as he moves to Hollywood and attempts to become a movie star in a new six-part series coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Written and created by Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry and produced by Objective Fiction in association with wiip, Toast of Tinseltown (w/t) will feature a mix of new and returning cast members and is set to be filmed later this year.


TV Review: Squeamish About...Entertainments, BBC Two

After a one-off about Brexit last year Matt Berry returns as somewhat eccentric historian Michael Squeamish to offer his thoughts on various subjects. Coming up in future weeks we have Squeamish about relationships, London and the countryside, but first it's a look at Entertainments (sic).


News: Matt Berry Returns As Historian Michael Squeamish

Following last year's The Road To Brexit rogue historian Michael Squeamish (Matt Berry) comes to BBC Two with four more surreal and comic documentaries on a bold and eclectic selection of new themes.
The first episode is on Entertainment and will be broadcast on Thursday, 6 August at 10.30pm, BBC Two.



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