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Book Review: Thatcher Stole My Trousers By Alexei Sayle

The latest volume of Alexei Sayle’s autobiography, following Stalin Ate My Homework, takes us through the most exciting – and contrasting – years of his life. At the start he is a penniless student, at the end he is hanging out with Sting and wrestling with his politically charged conscience about success and money.


Opinion: Sue Perkins For Top Gear. And If Not Her Another Comic?

In the last few days I’ve heard about Count Arthur Strong being mooted as new host of Top Gear and Alexei Sayle being tipped for the job. At the time of writing Sue Perkins is the odds-on bookies favourite, even though she has tweeted that she is not interested.

News: Alexei Sayle To Appear At Rik Mayall Tribute

Alexei Sayle will be appearing at a night in memory of Rik Mayall. The event will be at the Berkhamsted Rex on October 26 and will be hosted by Robin Ince. Profits will go to the brain injury charity Headway.

Sayle will be talking to Ince onstage about alternative comedy and the influence of Rik Mayall. There will also be a screening of the film Mr Jolly Lives Next Door starring Mayall. 

Book Review: How to Be Averagely Successful At Comedy by Dave Cohen

So you want to be a comedian? The chances are that if you have landed on my website you are thinking about dipping a toe in the shark-infested waters of comedy. Then take a leaf out of Dave Cohen's book about the industry and his life in it. No, don't just take a leaf, go out and bloody well buy the whole book.

Preview: The Week Ahead July 1 - 7

When Alexei Sayle decided to return to the stand-up fray last year his wife was worried that he might "dilute the legacy." Sayle had been one of the original angry young alternative comedians and by withdrawing from live performance his reputation had grown. When he was invited to co-compere an Alternative Comedy celebration on the South Bank a few years ago he was the hit of the night and I think that played its part in nudging him back into stand-up.

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