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News: New Book From Comedian Offering Tips On Writing And More

Veteran comedian Dave Cohen has written an ebook during lockdown offering writing advice and more, If Only I Had The Time: How To Keep Writing When The World Stops Moving.

The blurb says: "It was as though the universe was challenging us. Okay friend, you said your problem with following your dream of becoming a writer is lack of time, this thing is impossible to fit into your busy life – well then, here you are. The gift of time. Come on you big wuss, what’s stopping you?"


News: New Book By Dave Cohen Offers Tips On Comedy Writing

Veteran comedy writer Dave Cohen has been a stand-up comedian and has written for shows such as Have I Got News For You and Not Going Out so knows a fair bit about the nuts and bolts of making people laugh. He was also a founding member of the Comedy Store Players alongside Paul Merton, Neil Mullarkey and some bloke called Mike Myers (whatever happened to him?). And now he is about to share some of his insider secrets.


Interview: Dave Cohen Interviews Bruce Dessau

Dave Cohen has written funny lines for shows as diverse as Have I Got News For You and Not Going Out. But before that he was a successful stand-up comedian. And before that he was a rock critic. He is about to return to the live circuit with a show that also refers back to his earlier career. Music Was My First Love is a stand-up show with a difference – it consists of one long poem. And appropriately he is premiering it at the Poetry Cafe in London.


Opinion: Writer/Comedian Dave Cohen on The Immigration Issue

On Friday 24 April Dave Cohen will be appearing at the Purcell Rooms in Immigrant Diaries, part of the Changing Britain Festival. In this guest blog he breaks free from the tyranny of silence to discuss this never-aired topic. 



Book Review: How to Be Averagely Successful At Comedy by Dave Cohen

So you want to be a comedian? The chances are that if you have landed on my website you are thinking about dipping a toe in the shark-infested waters of comedy. Then take a leaf out of Dave Cohen's book about the industry and his life in it. No, don't just take a leaf, go out and bloody well buy the whole book.

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