Phil Wang

News: Comedy Central Greenlights Computer Game Show

Comedy Central International has announced that it has greenlit a pilot from Gobstopper TV for a comedy entertainment show, fronted by a trio of well-known British comedy faces passionate about computer games and the fan culture around it.

The 22-minute pilot, with the current working title Game Junkies, will be shot in front of a live studio audience in a warehouse in London and on location in Scotland this month.


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Phil Wang, Pleasance Courtyard

I hadn’t seen Phil Wang live for a few years and I didn’t have much inclination to see him this year. The last time I saw him I thought he was pretty childish and immature, but decided to give him another shot. I don’t know what has happened in the last few years but in Kinabalu the boy has become a man. Well, I guess I do know what happened. He is 27 – three years older and three years more mature.

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