Josie Long
Let’s declare an interest here. Josie Long is one of my favourite comedians. If she hadn’t existed comedy would have had to have invented her. She is intelligent, enthusiastic, funny and always... more
lenny beige
You can’t keep a good cult comedy night down. To mark its 20th anniversary Lenny Beige is re-opening the doors of the Regency Rooms for one night only. The gig takes place on June 20 at the... more
Adam Riches
Yesterday I wrote about comedians succumbing to the lure of name-based puns when thinking of a title for their Edinburgh show. It is to Adam Riches’ eternal credit that as far as I know he has yet to... more
Romesh Ranganathan
Update 1pm: Romesh has had to pull out. He is replaced by Jo Lacey and Dan Ward.When I wrote a story about Romesh Ranganathan winning the Leicester Comedy Festival Comedian of the Year Award in... more
Aamer Rahman
Pretty spoilt for choice at the Soho Theatre this week. As well as Stewart Lee doing yet more work-in-progress shows, there are two very different shows opening on Tuesday. I haven't seen Tom... more
rachel parris
Previews are a chance for performers to try things out that may not make the final cut. They should not put pressure on performers. That’s why critics do not tend to be invited. Rachel Parris is... more
Mark Watson
Mark Watson is either an Edinburgh Festival legend or an obsessive nutjob. Or maybe both. He is famous for his marathon shows lasting more than a day that have pushed his stand-up stamina to the... more
Bridget Christie
As Edinburgh previews go, this one is pretty unmissable. To draw a topical analogy it’s a bit like Spain playing a pre-World Cup friendly, but with more laughs. Christie won the Foster’s Comedy Award... more
pete firman
It is surely only a matter of time before the bulging Edinburgh Fringe programme boasts a special section for all the magicians appearing there. And when it does pride of place should go to Pete... more
Laurence Owen
The Edinburgh 2014 Fringe brochure thudded on my doormat this morning, left a dent in my flooring and woke the cat two doors down. It’s that big. To mark the occasion Beyond The Joke is launching it’... more


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