luke toulson
Is it just me or do comedians seem to be doing more Edinburgh previews than ever this year? I’m sure there was a time when the Fringe was a more casual affair, where comedians honed their sets as... more
Sara Pascoe
I’ve been tipping Sara Pascoe for stardom for so long now if she doesn’t make it big soon it is going to start becoming embarrassing. Her show last year, mixing feminism with a sideways streak, was... more
Matt Forde
Critics are constantly bemoaning the lack of cutting edge, hard-hitting political engagement on the comedy circuit these days. These must be the critics who don't get out much, or they would have... more
Holly Walsh
I’m not even sure why Holly Walsh is bothering with the Edinburgh Fringe this year. If playing the Festival is all about being discovered it is too late for her. She has already established herself... more
Lucy Porter
It sometimes feels that Lucy Porter has been doing Edinburgh almost as long as me. And in some ways she has. The first time I met the TV and radio regular I was on the Perrier Awards – remember those... more
Loretta Maine
Why do some comedy characters take hold and not others? Why, for instance, did Al Murray’s Pub Landlord play the O2 Arena while Sol Bernstein is only at the Leicester Square Theatre? Don't ask me, I’... more
Penn & Teller
Last year Beyond The Joke talked to Josie Long about Arts Emergency, the charity she has co-founded to support students who may struggle to pay for further education. The organisation is still going... more
Al Lubel
If you want to get ahead get a good quote on your Edinburgh Fringe advert. Al Lubel has one from Jerry Seinfeld: “Al has one of the best jokes I ever heard.” When the master of stand-up talks you pay... more
Bec Hill
Bec Hill certainly gets around. Over the last year I’ve seen her doing whimsical illustrations to accompany songs and stories and she is also involved in the Pun Run nights where wordplay is the... more
Ed Gamble
Nothing can make you feel old as effectively as seeing a talented comedian who is hideously young. Ed Gamble is that kind of comedian. I saw him supporting Greg Davies last year and it is not easy... more


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