Opinion: Things In Comedy That Blow My Mind
Welcome to the world of the never-ending tour. Adam Kay is doing a West End run at the Garrick Theatre of his latest show. Well, I say latest. It's the show I reviewed here in March 2017. And I was... more
It's not easy to pick out the best gigs from the ones I've seen this year. I've probably seen around 250 comedy shows in 2018. Although just to reassure you that I'm not completely consumed by comedy... more
Update: in case you missed this and don't understand the concept of iPlayer this is being repeated on BBC2 on Saturday, January 26. The comments started flooding in on social media pretty soon... more
It was reported this week that Kevin Bridges had issues with hecklers again. It is not the first time. Although on this occasion he was also feeling poorly when he walked offstage early, but... more
OK, first of all I realise we are not war reporters. I realise that most of us don’t have to wear flak jackets to do our jobs. It’s just that lately it has started to feel that way.A couple of weeks... more
Below is an excerpt from the new book Today South London, Tomorrow South London. It is written by the enigmatic lounger-around-town Dulwich Raider. Today South London, Tomorrow South London is... more
Next year I’m 37. That means I will have been doing comedy for 20 years. It sounds ridiculous even writing it especially as it feels like yesterday I did my first open spot as a bright eyed, naively... more
It's never too early to start planning for the Edinburgh Fringe. With only ten months to go director Chris Head, author of A Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up, offers some tips below. You... more
A few days ago I had a stab at suggesting what I thought should be on the main Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Show List. As the Edinburgh Fringe tips over into the second half I thought I'd have a... more
Update 22/8 - The Edinburgh Comedy Awards shortlist will be announced today at 3pm. In the meantime here are the predictions I made after one week at the Festival. I've made two changes to this list... more
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