As a reviewer I think one should try to judge a gig on what you see in front of you. But as hard as you try there is always a risk that the back story and knowledge of the performer’s offstage life... more
Something that has been bothering me for a while is the way that anybody that stands up onstage and makes people laugh gets described as doing stand-up comedy. This has cropped up a number of times... more
Do you want to hear a new Michael McIntyre joke? Then you will have to wait until his next BBC show goes out. Unless you saw him on Graham Norton’s chat show last night or are planning to catch it on... more
Earlier this week I was planning to go to the press night of Bits of Me Are Falling Apart, the new play at the Soho Theatre about the perils of middle age starring Adrian Edmondson. I thought that it... more
Editor's note: There is currently a lot of sketch comedy on the live circuit. There was recently even a whole festival devoted to the genre – Sketchfest. And From November 15 - 19 high energy trio... more
This piece first appeared on Robin Ince's blog. Read more posts here.I’ve just been to a screening of Billy Connolly’s High Horse Tour Live.As we now know, mutation, heredity and natural selection... more
A few years ago, following a performance in Edinburgh, someone said of my shows that they were all about freedom. Only on rare occasions throughout my nearly twenty-year career (if you can call it... more
It was interesting this week to see that Mel & Sue decided to quit The Great British Bake Off after it was announced that it will be moving to Channel 4. What will be even more interesting,... more
I was told earlier today that there is no press access for Dave Chappelle's run of intimate shows in London this week so I went on the website for the Electric Ballroom in Camden to buy tickets and... more
“It’s just not funny enough.” This was a comment that I kept hearing during the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Not necessarily about the newly-crowned Best Comedy Show winner Richard Gadd... more
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