Opinion: Things In Comedy That Blow My Mind

Opinion: See It, Say It, Shut Up! By Brandon Robshaw

Mrs Merton Meets Mrs Merton

Paul Merton used to be married to Caroline Quentin, so her married name would be Mrs Merton.

Caroline Aherne played a character called Mrs Merton.

In real life Caroline Aherne was married to Peter Hook so her married name would have been Caroline Hook.

I once drove 200 miles from London to Manchester to interview Caroline Aherne. This was in the days before mobile phones so I left the flat in south London quite early. Which meant i didn't get the message from her agent that the interview was cancelled. Instead I arrived at Granada Studios and got a message to ring Peter Hook who told me that Caroline was too sick to do the interview but that he owed me a dinner one day as a way of apology. I got in my car and drove another 200 miles home. The funny thing is about thirty minutes earlier, just before I had arrived, it was announced that Peter Cook had died, and for a moment i thought they said Peter Hook.

Katherine Ryan Loves Sara Pascoe 

Katherine Ryan had a cat called Sara Pascoe. I don't know if she still has it.

In Ryan's Netflix comedy The Duchess her boyfriend was played by Steen Raskopoulos. 

Steen Raskopoulos is Sara Pascoe's husband.

They have a dog called Mouse.




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