Next year I’m 37. That means I will have been doing comedy for 20 years. It sounds ridiculous even writing it especially as it feels like yesterday I did my first open spot as a bright eyed, naively... more
It's never too early to start planning for the Edinburgh Fringe. With only ten months to go director Chris Head, author of A Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up, offers some tips below. You... more
A few days ago I had a stab at suggesting what I thought should be on the main Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Show List. As the Edinburgh Fringe tips over into the second half I thought I'd have a... more
Update 22/8 - The Edinburgh Comedy Awards shortlist will be announced today at 3pm. In the meantime here are the predictions I made after one week at the Festival. I've made two changes to this list... more
Are comedy critics the enemy of the people? Or to be more precise are comedy critics the enemy of the people performing at the Edinburgh Fringe?There has always been an undercurrent of tension... more
Maybe it’s just the motley bunch of comics I hang out with on Facebook but this year’s Britain’s Got Talent has become a major talking point online. Opinions vary from mockery to support via... more
I went to see Maria Bamford at the Leicester Square Theatre a while ago. It was quite possibly the gig of the year so far. You can read a review here.One of the best things about it might have been... more
Every time a new series of Benidorm starts I watch the first episode. I like to have an open mind and I like to think that maybe this time it'll become my favourite show. But no it doesn't. Rigid? me... more
Paul Sinha shares some of his life-on-the-road wisdom with Beyond The Joke. For all your Paul Sinha needs click here.  1. Do you think club comedy is high pressure? Solo comedy is even more... more
Adam Riches brings his acclaimed Edinburgh show, Inane Chicanery, to the Soho Theatre this week. Riches is famous, among other things, for getting members of his audience up onstage to play an... more
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