Opinion: The News Is Beyond Satire, By Adam Bromley
Ex-BBC producer Adam Bromley has made a new comedy sketch show with comics Kris Dyer (of Nice Mum) and Julius Howe called Peer into the Past, which is available as a podcast. It is set in the... more
Joz Norris is at the Soho Theatre on Friday, October 4 & Saturday, October 5 with the final performances of his latest show Joz Norris Is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad. He writes about the... more
Tony cowards
This year's Fringe was easily the toughest of the six I've performed at.If I'm totally honest I went up slightly underprepared, my show was a bit of a mishmash with new bits cobbled together with... more
The comedy industry is hardly notorious for being good for your mental health. The uncertainty of spending lots of time away from home, performing for not enough money in the hope of gaining the... more
Opinion: Dave's Edinburgh Comedy Awards 2019 - Best Newcomer Predictions
New sponsor, new comedy! Digital TV channel Dave is sponsoring the Edinburgh Comedy Awards for the first time this year. So they, as well as the rest of us hungry humour vampires, must be on the look... more
Faye Treacy is a comedian and a musician who was crowned Best Newcomer at the Musical Comedy Awards in 2015. She currently presents a show on Scala Radio on Saturdays from 6pm to 8pm. Below she... more
Opinion: Things In Comedy That Blow My Mind
Welcome to the world of the never-ending tour. Adam Kay is doing a West End run at the Garrick Theatre of his latest show. Well, I say latest. It's the show I reviewed here in March 2017. And I was... more
It's not easy to pick out the best gigs from the ones I've seen this year. I've probably seen around 250 comedy shows in 2018. Although just to reassure you that I'm not completely consumed by comedy... more
Update: in case you missed this and don't understand the concept of iPlayer this is being repeated on BBC2 on Saturday, January 26. The comments started flooding in on social media pretty soon... more
It was reported this week that Kevin Bridges had issues with hecklers again. It is not the first time. Although on this occasion he was also feeling poorly when he walked offstage early, but... more
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