If Host The Week has been axed by Channel 4 after one episode, as has been reported, it joins a very select band of television comedies that were pulled earlier than planned. The most famous... more
There is a long-held assumption among performers that critics get into a huddle during an interval and decide what they are going to say about a show. That way nobody risks going out on a limb and... more
Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare is the theatre company who perform the bard with one member drunk. Read more about them here. Their Much Ado About Nothing opened recently to, shall we say, quite a range of... more
As a few of you will know, my show, My Family: Not The Sitcom was nominated for an Olivier Award this year. It didn’t win it, the award for that category going to Matthew Bourne’s beautiful ballet,... more
Following on from the excellent third series, BBC2 is repeating some earlier episodes. The 12 Days Of Christine, which went out again last week, certainly seems to be a favourite of a lot of fans... more
Every time Donald Trump is in the news you can be pretty sure that someone somewhere will post something on social media similar to the following: “Economic problems, loose cannon in the White House... more
Hello. My name is Sarah, and I tell stories. I used to perform stand-up comedy in stand-up comedy clubs, to audiences who had paid to see stand-up comedy routines. I did this for around 15 years... more
I’m what they call a “serious actress”. No, seriously. I have worked at St Paul’s Cathedral during the Occupy London protests at the Donmar Warehouse, jumped in front of a train in 19th Century... more
As a reviewer I think one should try to judge a gig on what you see in front of you. But as hard as you try there is always a risk that the back story and knowledge of the performer’s offstage life... more
Something that has been bothering me for a while is the way that anybody that stands up onstage and makes people laugh gets described as doing stand-up comedy. This has cropped up a number of times... more


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