Video: Some People By Spencer Jones

Video: Music Video Featuring Spencer Jones

Spencer Jones has made a music video encompassing all of those things we've become fixated on under lockdown, from Tiger King to exercising to being stuck with the family to washing our hands.

The video for Some People was shot in a single take as Jones explains: "I just bought a snazzy new camera and used this as a test. It was quite stressful for the missus having to help me out, and we could only film when the kids were watching TV. It took about 15 goes to get it right and the take we used is the last one. We couldn't be bothered after that.

And as always, Andy Jones my music collaborator worked on the track after I put it together and snazzed it up a fair bit. So thanks to him and Ruth, and the kids for keeping out of the way."

Watch Some People below



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