rob brydon

Opinion: Bruce Forsyth And The Geriatric Game

Well, what a week for quitters. First David Letterman, 66, announces that he is retiring from The Late Show and then Bruce Forsyth, 86, announces that he is leaving Strictly Come Dancing. It is not clear what Forsyth is going to do next. Maybe he has an eye on the imminent Letterman vacancy. After all, hosting a chat show is about the only thing he hasn’t done in his positively biblical 250 years in showbusiness.

Opinion: In Praise of Would I Lie To You?

After a hard stressful week isn't it delightful to slip into something nice and funny and not likely to get the Daily Mail huffing and puffing and hot under the collar? I resisted Would I Lie To You? for a while. Maybe it was the Have I Got News For You baggage Angus Deayton brought as first host, maybe it was the show's initial resemblance to a pub-gossip Call My Bluff. But at some point late to the party I decided that I loved this programme and now I'm hooked.


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