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News: Reece Shearsmith To Appear In New Play

Reece Shearsmith has been confirmed as one of the stars of a new play, Hangmen, which opens at the Royal Court Theatre on September 10.

Hangmen, written by Martin McDonagh, tells the story of "the second-best hangman in England" on the day in 1965 when hanging is abolished. McDonagh also wrote the movies In Brudges and Seven Psychopaths.

TV Preview: Inside No. 9 – The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge, BBC2

Another dramatic tonal gear change in this fantastic series this week. And also a change of period, with writers Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton taking centre stage in The Trial of Elizabeth Gedge, set during the witch trials of the 17th Century.

Shearsmith and Pemberton play Warren and Clarke (decide for yourselves if that’s a homage to the late actor), who are called in to oversee a trial in the village of Little Happens. Is Elizabeth Gadge (Ruth Sheen) a sorceress in league with the devil or just a smutty old hag?

TV Preview: Inside No. 9 – The Twelve Days Of Christine, BBC2

The co-star of this week’s Inside No. 9, Tom Riley, recently tweeted that it was “maybe the greatest half hour of TV I’ve ever been lucky enough to be in”. Actors are not unfamiliar with the art of hyperbole, so perhaps we should take that with a wheelbarrow full of salt. On the other hand I think he might just be right.

TV Preview: Inside No 9 – La Couchette, BBC2

After being harshly overlooked in numerous end-of-year awards thingies, it’s been nice to see the first series of Inside No 9 finally picking up some accolades this week. The series of six self-contained playlets by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton picked up prizes at the Chortle Awards and the Royal Television Society Awards and now returns for six new comic chillers with a twist. No pressure then.

News: TX Date Confirmed For New Series of Inside No 9

Further details have been announced for the new series of Inside No 9. The next six episodes of the self-contained comedies-with-a-twist by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton will start on BBC2 on Thursday, March 26.

The first episode, La Couchette, is set on a sleeping car on a French train when a group of mix-matched passengers is thrown together. The cast includes Jack Whitehall, Julie Hesmondhalgh and Mark Benton as well as Shearsmith and Pemberton.

Review: BBC Original Comedy Shorts

With BBC3 due to become an online channel in 2015 I guess the BBC needs to get viewers used to going to iPlayer to watch original content online and not just last night’s episode of EastEnders. To nudge comedy fans in the right direction the Beeb invited a group of famous comedians to make a programme that they had always dreamt about making. The resulting six comedy shorts are pretty mixed, but the one thing one can definitely say about them is that they are very varied in tone. Some are surreal, some are discreetly political.

Preview: Inside No 9: The Harrowing, BBC2

Draw the curtains, turn off the light. It's the last Inside No 9, sob, and it's a genuine fright fest. In The Harrowing Helen McCrory and Reece Shearsmith play two creepy reclusive siblings, Tabitha and Hector,  who offer schoolgirl Katy (Aimeé-Ffion Edwards) £88 to house-sit for them for eight hours while they have a rare night out. All Katy needs to do is keep an eye on things and, under no circumstances, visit their sickly brother Andras in the top room…

Preview: Inside No 9: The Understudy, BBC2

A striking return to form for Inside No 9 this week with The Understudy, which is not set in a house for once, but in dressing room number 9. Steve Pemberton very much takes centre stage at the start as Tony Warner, a grand, egocentric Shakespearean actor trying to stay off the wagon while starring in Macbeth. Reece Shearsmith is his understudy, biding his time quietly for his big break.

Review: Inside No 9: The Last Gasp, BBC2

Every delicious box of luxury chocolates has to have a dud in it that is left in the bottom layer after all the favourites have been snapped up. In the case of the brilliantly tasty Inside No. 9 it is this week's instalment, The Last Gasp.

Review: Inside No. 9: A Quiet Night In, BBC2

When I interviewed Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith about their new anthology series Inside No. 9, Steve Pemberton suggested that there might have been concerns among the BBC's upper echelons that there was no continuing character, nobody to get your teeth into and come back to week after week. Well, having seen two episodes now, it doesn't matter – their tales-of-the-unexpected concept is clearly the thing to get your teeth into and make you come back week after week. 


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