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Last week I was mildly mocked on social media for describing a programme that some people didn't like the sound of as "eagerly anticipated". I think it is fair, however, to describe the new series of Inside No 9 as eagerly anticipated without risking a big lawsuit landing in my inbox with a virtual thwack.


How Inside No 9 Wanted To Decapitate Mrs Brown

The creators of Inside No 9 have revealed that they considered decapitating the sitcom character Mrs Brown in their groundbreaking live episode Dead Line.


Inside No 9 Series 6 Trailer

Watch the first trailer for the new series of Inside No. 9. coming doon to BBC Two.


Review 2018: Top TV 2018

I don't know what it says about the times we are living in but comedy seems to have slipped into all sorts of programmes this year. Was Black Mirror a comedy? Killing Eve? Patrick Melrose? A Very English Scandal? All of these great shows could have figured in a broader list but I've kept my choices to more traditional comedies. Using the word traditional in the broadest of senses too. And as for stand-up specials, a listicle devoted to them will follow...



News: Writers' Guild Shortlist Announced – Nods For Inside No 9, Derry Girls, Detectorists

The shortlist has been announced for the Wrier's Guild of Great Britain Awards 2019.

Among the nominees are Derry Girls (Lisa McGee); Inside No. 9, ‘Zanzibar’ (Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith) and Detectorists (Mackenzie Crook) in the Best Situation comedy category.

The Best Radio Category shortlist is Ability (Lee Ridley and Katherine Jakeways); Deadline (Jessica Hynes); Sarah Kendall: Australian Trilogy, Volume 2, Part 1, 'Seventy-Three Seconds' (Sarah Kendall).


Opinion: Inside No 9 The All-Time Top Six Episodes

The new series of Inside No 9 starts on BBC2 on January 2 at 10pm. But what is your favourite episode out of the ones that have been broadcast so far?

Beyond The Joke has reviewed every episode to date so took a look at its statistics to see which episode review had had the most page impressions. This does not mean it is the most loved episode. In fact people might have been clicking on the link because they hated an episode and were wondering what they missed. Some episodes have divided even the most committed fans. 


News: First Look At Inside No 9 First Episode Plus Transmission Details

It has been confirmed by the BBC that the first episode of the fourth series of Inside No 9 will be broadcast on January 2, 2018 on BBC2 at 10pm.

The episode is entitled Zanzibar and stars series creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. It is written and performed in iambic pentameters, the form often used by William Shakespeare.


News: Writers' Guild Awards – Shortlist Announced

Inside No 9 has been shortlisted for a Writers' Guild Award. The episode entitled The Bill, written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, is shortlisted in the Best TV Situation Comedy alongside This Country (Daisy May Cooper and Charlie Cooper) and Back (Simon Blackwell).


News: Special Guests Revealed For Inside No 9 Series 4

The BBC has confirmed that Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith have started shooting the fourth series of Inside No.9. After the success and critical acclaim of the first three series the show will return to BBC Two with another stellar line up. Each of the six films will again feature new characters, new venues and a new twist on the number nine. Filming continues at locations in West London, Pinewood Studios and Waltham Abbey until Easter.


Opinion: Inside No 9 - The All-Time Top Six Episodes

Following on from the excellent third series, BBC2 is repeating some earlier episodes. The 12 Days Of Christine, which went out again last week, certainly seems to be a favourite of a lot of fans judging by social media. Out of curiosity I had a look at the number of page impressions articles about Inside No 9 have notched up on Beyond The Joke. And, surprise, surprise, The 12 Days Of Christine comes out top there.



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