News: Christmas Special Followed By 2017 Run for Inside No 9

The eagerly anticipated third series of Inside No 9 will be preceded by a Christmas special. 

In a feature in the Guardian about horror which included the thoughts of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton on what is scary (David Lynch's Lost Highway and cows respectively) it was mentioned that there will be a Christmas Special. Producer Adam Tandy confirmed on Twitter that the article was "100% right".

Filming started on the new series of self-contained comic horror episodes over a year ago and the all-star cast was announced at the start of 2016. More details here.

One of the episodes already announced is entitled The Devil Of Christmas and co-stars Rula Lenska, Jessica Raine and George Bedford alongside Shearsmith & Pemberton. It is set in an Alpine cabin and is inspired by the Austrian story of the "half-goat, half-demon" Krampus who goes around punishing naughty children...






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