Rarely Asked Questions

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Emma Sidi

Emma Sidi is a comedian on the way up. In the last couple of years she has been busy establishing herself as a formidable personality in all the right places. She has been in TV's Drunk History and online YouTuber satire Pls Like to name two excellent things. And she recently picked up a Chortle Award nomination for Best Character/Variety Act.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Anna Mann

Anna Mann is not really a comedian. She is a veritable artiste who has been in showbusiness for almost as long as Joan Collins. She has recently branched out while she waits for her next big acting job and is offering advice to anyone suffering from black dog in her latest soiree, A Sketch Show For Depressives. Mann is helped in her quest by chameleon character comic Colin Hoult, who you should know from Revolting and Murder In Successville. Have you twigged yet?

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Larry Dean

OK, confession time. When I ask question 8 - “I think you are very good at what you do” – I don’t always mean it. It’s there to make comics feel good. But in the case of Larry Dean I really do mean it. Ever since I saw him in the Piccadilly Comedy Club New Comedian of 2013 Final I could see he had something. He won that competition and went on to pick up an Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nomination in 2015 and win the Amused Moose Comedy Award in 2016.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Rachel Parris

Rachel Parris is a comedian on the cusp. In the last few years she has started cropping up regularly on television and I expect she will be cropping up even more in the future. She was in The IT Crowd and earlier this year Revolting. She was also in Murder In Successville. Or you may know her from the Game Of Thrones spin-off, Thronecast. The versatile performer is also part of stage improvisation group Austentatious.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Nick Mohammed

Nick Mohammed is always busy, but he is particularly busy at the moment. He performs at a special all-star gig at the Adelphi Theatre, 100 Hearts Charity Gala, in aid of Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, on Sunday 26th February. The full Line-up includes Rowan Atkinson, Jo Brand, Nina Conti, Harry Enfield, Michael McIntyre and host Clive Anderson. For info and booking click here.

Rarely Asked Questions – Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker is something of a lovely hybrid, an old school song and dance man plus a classic modern comedian. He is sharp and funny and loves jazz and you may have seen him recently as Harry Hill’s hunchback kitchen assistant in Sky 1’s Tea Time – he also played a wonderfully funny hunchback in Hill's West End X Factor Musical I Can't Sing. But let's not typecast him as fictional figures with bad posture, he also played Tim Reynolds in EastEnders.

Rarely Asked Questions – Rhys James

Please have a read of this interview with Rhys James. I think it gives you a real flavour of his sense of humour. He is smart and funny and has a way with words – check out his one-liners on Twitter too @rhysjamesy, if you don't believe me. And clearly he thinks too much about things sometimes.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Viv Groskop

I don’t really know journalist Viv Groskop but I do know her writing. It is sharp, funny and well-observed. In recent years she has been developing another string to her bow, adding stand-up comedy to her CV. In fact she combined both areas in her enjoyable book about doing 100 gigs in 100 days. Vic Groskop plays the Edinburgh Fringe 2017.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Pete Firman

Pete Firman has been entertaining audiences for over a decade now with his excellently chirpy brand of comedy magic. I can remember him on Five’s Monkey Magic yonks ago and since then the Middlesbrough magician has become a fixture on the Fringe and TV, almost as famous for his cheesy patter as he is for his brilliant tricks. Basically he makes things appear and disappear before your very eyes in amazing, mindblowing ways and he does it with such friendly aplomb that everyone loves him.

Rarely Asked Questions – Kerry Godliman

I first spotted Kerry Godliman over a decade ago when she was in a short-lived Evening Standard-sponsored comedy competition. Greg Davies - whatever happened to him? – won, but I was impressed by Godliman’s cheery, accessible everywoman brand of feminism. She had a particularly good gag about anti-gravity face cream. If it was so gravity-defying why wasn’t it floating above the cosmetics counter? More recently she has become best known as Hannah, the sympathetic manager in Derek.


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