Rarely Asked Questions

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Maddy Anholt

Maddy Anholt has a mixed Dutch, Irish and Persian heritage. Some say this is why she wears clogs whilst dancing with a leprechaun and smoking a hubbly-bubbly. Or that's what her biog says anyway. The unashamedly loopy character comedian returns to the Fringe with a new a hour that delves into her surreal and sparkly world of outlandish creations. If you recognise her face you may have spotted her on BBC3's Sunny D. And if you don't recognise her you soon will. Maddy Anholt is going places.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Stuart Laws

Stuart Laws is a comedy multi-tasker par excellence. As the man behind Turtle Canyon Comedy he has been responsible for countless short films featuring top comedy talent including the one and only James Acaster. Laws has been described as the English Judd Apatow, although that was by his publicist, who also says that he has the best joke about croissants ever.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Sean Patton

Yesterday as part of our Edinburgh Previews series we ran a very honest interview with Katy Brand (see her answer to question nine). Just to underline that not all comedians are the same here is a very different interview with US stand-up Sean Patton. Or maybe he actually does earn as much as he says below. In which case he can buy me a drink in Edinburgh in August.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Katy Brand

Katy Brand is one of those annoyingly talented people who excels at various different styles of comedy. She has done sketches, characters and in recent years has become more of a storyteller, keeping an audience hooked with anecdotes. Last year Brand returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with the frank and funny autobiographical tale of how she became a teenage Christian. This year's show is more about what she might have been rather than what she was.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Nazeem Hussain

Sharp, funny Nazeem Hussain made his name in Australia with outspoken, provocative shows exploring multiculturalism and race issues. He was half of the duo Fear of a Brown Planet with Aamer Rahman and had the hit solo show, Legally Brown. More recently however, he has become better known down under for his appearance on the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! He came fourth and the show introduced him to a whole new audience. Maybe he should compare notes with Joel Dommett…

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Hannah Gadsby

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby won the prestigious Barry Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year so the Edinburgh Fringe premiere of her latest show Nanette is eagerly anticipated*. Then again it would be eagerly anticipated if it hadn't bagged a gong. Gadsby is a clever, funny, thoughtful, honest stand-up who has been delivering distinctive shows for a number of years now about subjects as diverse as classical art and relationships.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Abigoliah Schamaun

Abigoliah Schamaun's latest show, Namaste, Bitches, straddles stand-up and storytelling. There are jokes there but there are also thoughts and ideas. A bit of philosophy if you like. As Schamaun asks, "What's the point in pursuing enlightenment when you could just put your feet up and knock back a bourbon? And what passes for happiness these days?" Schamaun is a certified Bikram Yoga instructor; she has run marathons and Tough Mudders and participated in Crossfit competitions.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Dan Antopolski

Versatile genius Dan Antopolski could be 2017’s comeback kid. He hasn’t done the Fringe for a few years but back in the day he did various sketch shows and stand-up sets and picked up numerous nominations for being hilariously funny and brimming over with ideas. This year’s show, Return of the Dan Antopolski, is about “change, pain, honour and gain”. He is older and wiser and, quite possibly, funnier than ever. And still brimming over with ideas.

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Jarlath Regan

If there was an award for Best Show Jarlath Regan would be a shoo-in. The skilful Irishman's latest show is called Organ Freeman. And no, it isn't a misprint, it is inspired by the fact that he recently donated a kidney to his brother. Well, he had two of his own so he had one to spare. He will be telling the story of this fraternal sacrifice and much more onstage.


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