Dan Antopolski

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Dan Antopolski, Assembly George Square

When you’ve been seeing comedy shows back to back for over a week themes and subjects start to emerge and knit together. I left Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s show in which she touches on her recent break up (and Sara Pascoe was in the audience - her show is also about her split) and walked into Dan Antopolski’s show, which had a big chunk about his break up.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Dan Antopolski

Versatile genius Dan Antopolski could be 2017’s comeback kid. He hasn’t done the Fringe for a few years but back in the day he did various sketch shows and stand-up sets and picked up numerous nominations for being hilariously funny and brimming over with ideas. This year’s show, Return of the Dan Antopolski, is about “change, pain, honour and gain”. He is older and wiser and, quite possibly, funnier than ever. And still brimming over with ideas.

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