Leo Kearse

Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Leo Kearse

We try not to take political sides at Beyond The Joke, so here is a plug for Leo Kearse's show, I Can Make You A Tory. Kearse won the UK Pun Championships at the Leicester Comedy Festival in 2015 so we know he can come up with  a quickfire one-liner. Let's see if he can keep it up for an hour in which he talks about being sick of sanctimonious lefties lecturing on global warming, Jeremy Corbyn and sexism, etc etc. Kearse sets out to slaughter these sacred cows and show that it's right to be right wing.

News: Leo Kearse Wins UK Pun Championship 2015

Leo Kearse has been crowned UK Pun Champion 2015. The 38-year-old Scot won the award at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival this evening in a fiercely fought final showdown against Welshman Rob Thomas. Kearse was handed a bottle of fizzy drink and a rubber chicken by host Lee Nelson onstage at the Just The Tonic Club at Hansom Hall. Full line-up of final here and full review to follow...

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