Juliette Burton

News: Juliette Burton Launches Audio Sitcom

Juliette Burton is to launch the first four episodes of her new audio comedy series Sweet Dreams in association with Acast. Created by Juliette and written by Juliette and Liam Beirne, this beautifully crafted four part series stars Matthew Crosby, Sooz Kempner, Rob Frimston, Angus Dunican and Juliette as anxious heroine, Sylvia.


News: Comedian Launches New Website Exploring How We Define Ourselves And Our Surroundings

Comedian Juliette Burton has launched a new website to look at how we define ourselves and our surroundings during lockdown.

The new website, Defined, evolved from the audience reaction to the tour of her show Juliette Burton: Defined. During the show Juliette set her audience the challenge to define themselves in just five words. No two people defined themselves in the same way. 


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Juliette Burton

In Juliette Burton's latest show Butterfly Effect she investigates the power of kindness. While most of us find it hard enough being kind to ourselves – let alone others – is being nice outdated? Or can we still connect and change lives for the better? Burton is an honest comedian who always does her best to celebrate positivity, which does not mean she doesn't get angry. She went viral a couple of years ago when she objected to the Beach Body Ready adverts.

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