Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is best known as the ever-smiling, ever-shouting, fast-talking auctioneer star of TV's Storage Hunters. But he is also a comedian and he is coming to Edinburgh to talk about his crazy life. He's done everything from holding a top-secret military clearance, serving a combat tour in Iraq and catching shoplifters as an undercover store detective in Italy, to travelling to over 80 countries around the world and headlining the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. All this and he's still managed 25 years of marriage to his wife, Lori (though his answer to question 13 is interesting. I assume he is joking for the sake of Lori and for my sake).

Sean Kelly: Sold Your Way! is at Underbelly Med Quad from August 2 - 27. Tickets here.

1. What is the last thing you do before you go onstage (apart from check your flies and/or check your knickers aren't sticking out of your skirt and check for spinach between your teeth)?

      I always take a piss moments before going onstage. Performing can be a lot of pressure, I don't need my own bladder pressuring me too!

2. What irritates you?

     A much shorter list would be what doesn't irritate me! But top of my list is horrible customer service. I eat out a lot and service across the board is horrible and it's so widespread people just seem to accept it now. 

3. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

        In Iraq I captured 35 heavily armed Iraqi soldiers as prisoners of war with the help of only one other US soldier. I am pretty sure that was dangerous and dumb.

4. What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?

     "Most Stupid" Well I am a record holder on doing stupid things. But the one stupid thing I did has resulted in me having diarrhoea every week for the past 27 years. And I talk about it in my Stand Up #DieselGoat.

5. What has surprised you the most during your career in comedy?

      How much the skills learned from stand-up have helped me in so many other areas of my life.
Interview continues here.

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