griff rhys jones

News: New Tour For Griff Rhys Jones

Following the successful tour of “Jones and Smith” last year Griff Rhys Jones is going back on the road this spring to explore the subject of travel.

Theatre Review: The Miser, Garrick Theatre

I read an early review of this production of The Miser where it was described as a “mugfest”. I asked my partner to come with me. She loves a mugfest after a hard day's work. And true enough this very loose adaptation of the Moliere classic starring Griff Rhys Jones and Lee Mack is very much a mugfest. Not much more, but definitely a mugfest.

Opinion: Dynamic Duos – The Secret of Successful Double Acts

Interesting to read about Griff Rhys Jones paying tribute to Mel Smith in the Radio Times this week while also pointing out how different they were. “I invited Mel to my country cottage and he never took his coat off. He took me to the races and I read a book. I dragged him sailing and he asked to 'go in' when we were halfway home and 30 miles from the nearest port. He loved a drink. I am teetotal. He never carried a credit card. I never have cash. He never went for a walk. I run ten miles a week. He worshipped Stephen Sondheim.

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