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Top Coppers

It’s the old case of double trouble this week, when Mitch Rust’s evil identical twin Vince escapes from Justice City’s penitentiary and decides to steal the Mayor’s most precious football sticker.

And that, in a cotton-picking nutshell, is all you need to know about the plot. John Kearns does his own twist on the Tom Hardy-like two-pronged performance as both Rust twins. Only a tell-tale tattoo above his exquisitely filmed chubby bum crack separates them.

This series doesn’t just seem to have confused critics, it may have also confused the BBC. The incorrect episode was on their previews website on the day of transmission, but BTJ managed to snaffle an advance copy.

And there are plenty of moments to enjoy here, from Rich Fulcher’s unashamedly sleazy Mayor protesting his innocence whenever he is caught with his pants down – which is quite often –  to the sight of my old London university building doubling as Justice City’s Town Hall (maybe just me on that one then).

There’s also the chance to see Terry Mynott doing one of his excellent close-you-eyes-and-it's-him impressions – this time it's Morgan Freeman in a Shawshank subplot. Heavy on the homages, light on the logic, Top Coppers is the dumbest show on TV at the moment and also the smartest.

Top Coppers, Wednesdays, 10pm, BBC3.

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