Top Coppers

TV: Top Coppers, BBC3

It’s the old case of double trouble this week, when Mitch Rust’s evil identical twin Vince escapes from Justice City’s penitentiary and decides to steal the Mayor’s most precious football sticker.

And that, in a cotton-picking nutshell, is all you need to know about the plot. John Kearns does his own twist on the Tom Hardy-like two-pronged performance as both Rust twins. Only a tell-tale tattoo above his exquisitely filmed chubby bum crack separates them.

TV Review: Top Coppers, BBC3

Have you been following Top Coppers? If not why not? I didn’t think they could pull it off but they have managed to out-parody the much-parodied TV crime-busting genre, thanks to some shameless straightfaced over-acting and an absolute commitment to dreadfully obvious jokes. 


TV Review: Top Coppers

This broadcasting network ain’t big enough for two crime-cracking spoofs starring the cream of the current comedy crop. That must be the reason why Top Coppers has taken a while to appear – it was originally scheduled to go out around the same time as Murder In Successville, but the wait for this one has been worth it.

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