Gap Year

TV: Gap Year, E4, Episode 3 – Vietnam

The backpacking comedy-drama makes it to Vietnam this week, where the young foursome is torn between party-fuelled hedonism and adventure and working in an orphanage. And then there is Greg (Tim Key), who wants to play tourist and check out the country's recent military history: “experience the war with none of the downsides”.


TV Review: Gap Year, E4, Episode 2

As anyone who watched the spoiler-packed trailer at the end of last week's opening episode set in China will know already Sean (Ade Oyefeso) doesn't become the meat in a stir fry. Instead he just gets forced to sing karaoke against his will by the people who gave him a lift – though if it was me I'd rather end up in a wok, but that's just shy old me. For Sean, the biggest challenge is hooking up with his fellow travellers again via the bullet train. Which involves finding the right bullet train in the first place.  

TV Review: Gap Year, E4

I could pretty much watch anything that Tim Key is in, so I’m glad he is in Gap Year. I’m not sure if I’d have stuck with the opening episode without his moon-faced grin popping up soon after the start as irritating hanger-on Greg.


Video: New Trailer for E4 Comedy Drama Gap Year

Here's an exclusive look at new E4 comedy drama Gap Year. Centred on British lads Dylan (Anders Hayward) and Sean (Ade Oyefeso), who are childhood friends that initially set out to backpack through China, but end up taking on the whole continent.


Interview: Tim Key On New C4 Series Gap Year

The last time I saw Tim Key he was onstage at the Old Vic in Art. The next time I will be seeing him is onscreen. Key plays Greg in E4’s new eight part comedy-drama Gap Year.

Preview: New Comedy Drama Gap Year – Details Revealed

More details have been released about the forthcoming eagerly anticipated drama Gap Year, featuring a host of comedy names including Tim Key, Robert Bathurst, Aisling Bea and Jamie Demetriou.


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