David Walliams

Opinion: Can You Ever Really Give Up Stand-Up?

Can you ever really give up being a comedian? This thought has occurred to me a number of times recently. On Sunday morning I was reading an interview with David Walliams in the Observer online and the bit below the headline called him and Sheridan Smith, his co-star in A Midsummer Night's Dream "former comedy stars".

TV Review: Big School, BBC1

School's in for summer. Jack Whitehall's Bad Education is due back soon on BBC3 and Greg Davies has a class act, Man Down, coming on C4. But first out of the changing rooms is Big School, which starts on BBC1 tonight and stars David Walliams and Catherine Tate.

Opinion: Call The Cops, Jack Carroll Was Robbed!

So tonight's the night that Jack Carroll either makes it big on Britain's Got Talent or heads back to obscurity. Nothing of the sort of course. The 14-year-old sit-down-sometimes stand-up has become something of a national hero since his first appearance on Simon Cowell's variety trade fair. Even David Walliams rather over-excitedly dubbing the lad from Hipperholme near Huddersfield the next Peter Kay should not hold Carroll back from a successful career in comedy.

Opinion: Jack Carroll – Too Good for Britain's Got Talent?

I've been thinking about Jack Carroll's triumphant first appearance on Britain's Got Talent and have been trying to decide whether it will be good for the 14-year-old's career or not. Plenty of exposure certainly. But could it be too much for someone so young? Looking back on past young comedians, staying power, not wit, seems to be the issue.


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