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News: Little Britain Fake ID Fails To Convince Bar Staff

A fake driving license in the name of Andy Scouser featuring a picture of Matt Lucas in the character of Andy Pipkin failed to persuade bar staff to serve an underage customer at a beer festival in Derbyshire.

The forgery featured his catchphrase "I don't like it" and the would-be drinker asked for a drink using Pipkin's catchphrase, "I want that one".


News: Matt Lucas and Rufus Hound To Appear Onstage At Chichester

Rufus Hound and Matt Lucas are both taking lead roles at Chichester Festival Theatre this year.

Rufus Hound plays Garry Essendine, an actor wrestling with his own self-image, in Noël Coward’s Present Laughter – the role Coward wrote for himself. It’s a comedy about sex, fame and the theatre itself, and runs from 20 April – 12 May. 


News: Matt Lucas To Turn On Christmas Lights In Hay

Matt Lucas is to turn on the festive lights in Hay-On-Wye on November 24.

On the same day he will be reading from his autobiography, Little Me, My Life From A-Z, and dicscussing his career at a ticketed event which is part of the Hay Festival Winter Weekend.

As half of Little Britain alongside David Walliams, Lucas was famous for playing Welsh homosexual Dafydd, 'the only gay in the village'.


News: Matt Lucas Wins Comedy Award

Matt Lucas has been honoured with the Comedy Award at The Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards.

The Little Britain star was presented with the award by comedian Joe Lycett at London’s Roundhouse last night.

Lucas has recently published his autobiography, Little Me: My life from A-Z, in which he talks candidly about his childhood and the trauma of losing all of his hair as a six-year-old. 


News: Matt Lucas and Matt Berry Join Vic & Bob's Big Night Out

Matt Lucas and Matt Berry have joined the line-up of Vic and Bob's Big Night Out.

Among the roles they will be taking on Lucas will be playing singer Rag n Bone Man. Bob Mortimer posted the picture featured here of a baseball-capped, fake-bearded Lucas and the others on Twitter, with the caption "Los 4 Amigos". Vic Reeves posted the other picture featured here accompanied by the words "4 Chumps".

News: Matt Lucas To Return to Dr Who In New Series

Matt Lucas is to make an appearance in the next series of Dr Who. He will be reprising his role as Nardole, who featured in last December's Christmas special, The Husbands of River Song.

Writer/producer Steven Moffat said: “Delighted and slightly amazed to be welcoming Matt Lucas back on to the Tardis — and this time it’s not just for Christmas, he’s sticking around. One of the greatest comedy talents on Planet Earth is being unleashed on all of time and space.”

Filming starts soon in Cardiff. 


Classic Interview: Matt Lucas & David Walliams – Little Britain

With Matt Lucas back on the box with Pompidou and David Walliams rarely out of the limelight it seems like a good time to revisit this interview. I spoke to the duo for the Reader's Digest in 2007 just as Little Britain was going stratospheric. We met in a Greek restaurant in East London but the lunch was very rushed as they had an important meeting at BBC TV Centre, which was in West London in those days. I shared a cab with them across town and we continued the interview in transit. They were both very good company.

Review: Pompidou, BBC2

Matt Lucas was on Jonathan Ross recently comparing his new series to the children’s show Pingu. Like Pingu the characters here speak in a kind of nonsensical, noisy gibberish. We can tell when Lucas’s down-at-hell aristo is sad, happy, hungry or deliriously delighted just by the sounds he is making.


TV Review: Backchat, BBC3

People might criticise Jack Whitehall for all sorts of things, but you can't knock his work ethic. On Monday night he was simultaneously guest-hosting Never Mind The Buzzcocks on BBC2 and putting in a star turn on C4 in Fresh Meat. And tonight he made it three channels in three nights with the first episode of Backchat on BBC3. In fact his stand-up show was on BBC3 at 9pm tonight too, making it something of a Jack Whitehall love-in.

Opinion: Isn't All Comedy Character Comedy?

I think the first modern example of character comedy I ever saw was Edna Everage, followed shortly by John Shuttleworth about two decades ago. After him there seemed to be a flurry of weird eccentrics on the circuit from the Pub Landlord to Otis Lee Crenshaw via Count Arthur Strong.

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