Edinburgh Preview: Darren Walsh

There’s an old showbiz anecdote about the trajectory of stardom that goes something like this: “Who is X? Get me X. Get me a cheaper X. Get me a younger X. Who is X?” In this case X is probably Tim Vine and the younger version is Darren Walsh. Not that Vine is likely to get to the final forgotten stage for a long time yet if ever, but Walsh is definitely cut from the same punmeistery cloth. His style is witty, silly, playful wordplay broken up by silly, witty, playful illustrations.


Live Review: Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Adelphi Theatre

As chairman Clive Anderson quipped in his introduction, not much has changed since the 1990s. Chris Evans is everywhere and there are people having a pop at the Government. He could add that his Channel 4 improvisation warhorse, making its very belated live debut, is as unpredictably hilarious as ever.

Edinburgh Preview: John Robins

Why do buses turn up in threes? Why does your phone signal always cut out just as a conversation gets interesting? Why isn’t John Robins a big star yet? These are the kind of mysteries that keep me up at night. I’ve seen the smart Bristolian’s last two Edinburgh shows and they have both been excellent examples of the stand-up craft. Robins does not bother with fripperies and folderol, he just gets onstage and talks about himself. His ailing body, his knackered libido, his embarrassing teen years.

News: Entries Invited For Amused Moose Comedy Award

Entries are now open for The Amused Moose Comedy Award 2015, which searches for the best comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from undiscovered talent.


TV Review: Not Safe For Work, C4

This is an interesting programme with a lot of potential. I’m not sure how funny it is, but as I said, it’s an interesting programme with a lot of potential so stay tuned.

Zawe Ashton from Fresh Meat plays Katherine, a newly-divorced, stylish high-flyer in a central London immigration department who finds herself exiled to a Northampton outpost that she helped to create.


Interview: Rarely Asked Questions – John-Luke Roberts

John-Luke Roberts' new show Stdad-Up is about the death of his father. But hold on, this one is different. It also features multi-coloured balloons. In fact given that Roberts is a master absurdist his show will no doubt be subverting the well-worn sentimental dead-dad-award-winning-show template. Roberts can also do proper jokes though. He has been a writer on The News Quiz and is currently co-writing a TV comedy, Bull, for Matt Lucas' production company, set in an antiques shop. Nothing antique about his jokes though.

News: Lee Nelson Pranks Kanye West At Glasto

Comedy character Lee Nelson has made an unexpected appearance alongside Kanye West at the Glastonbury Festival. The rapper was headlining when Nelson, alias character comedian Simon Brodkin, managed to get onto the stage. He attempted to dance and join West in a vocal duet, but after striding to the front of the performance area with his hands in the air he was quickly bundled off by security guards.


Interview: Luisa Omielan

Luisa Omielan is the most successful comedian you have never heard of. If you only get your comedy fix from television the name may not mean much. But earlier this year a clip of Omielan notched up over 5 million Facebook hits in two days. It’s now well over 10 million. 


Edinburgh Preview: Matthew Crosby

Pappy’s in split shock?! Not as far as I know, but if it gets you reading this preview I’m not complaining. Matthew Crosby’s solo show is actually his third show without the rest of Pappy’s. I’ve always warmed to his personality – nerdy, neurotic but also very smart in a cool way. He has been a schoolteacher in the past and he can win over a crowd with his sharp wits in much the same way that I bet he used to win over his pupils.

News: Bennett Arron Goes Jewelsh

Welsh stand-up Bennett Arron's stage show Jewelsh has been adapted for radio and is to be broadcast over the next two weekends.


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