claudia O'Doherty
Some strong shows opening at the Soho Theatre this week. Cult US star Jen Kirkman follows in the footsteps of her podcasting chum Paul F Tompkins and makes her UK debut with a run starting on Monday... more
mighty boosh
Don't hibernate, get out next month and see some live comedy in London. Here is your handy cut-and-paste guide to the essential shows next month. Starting out with one essential show later this month... more
The poster on the left kind of says it all really. Jo Brand comperes this gig at the Union Chapel on Tuesday in aid of providing greater choice at the end of life. Brand has not done a proper stand-... more
adam buxton
Suddenly after the summer slumber in London the next seven days feel like a properly exciting week for going out to comedy. The Soho Theatre has its usual mix of the old and new, with edgy,... more
The London comedy circuit is slowly but surely gearing up for a big autumn with two major events at either end of this week. Tonight The Comedy Store hosts Laugh Til It Hurts, a benefit in aid of... more
janeane martin
As the Edinburgh Fringe Festival finally finishes the sensible comics will be taking a well-earned break, but for some international acts there is no rest for the wickedly funny. Janeane Garofalo... more
john bishop
For many ambitious comedians this is the most important week in comedy. The Foster's Comedy Award shortlist has just been announced and the winner will be announced on Saturday. But, believe it... more
Sam simmons
The London comedy circuit never sleeps but it does have the occasional disco nap in the middle of August. With almost everyone scarpering to Edinburgh big gigs are thin on the ground around town.... more
mark watson
The Edinburgh Festival is not the only comedy festival hitting the accelerator this week. London's Phoenix Fringe also boasts wall-to-wall wits competing for your pennies and attention. Their... more
celia pacquola
Contrary to popular opinion not quite every comedian is migrating to Edinburgh this week. Russell Brand is in London trying out material for his Messiah Complex World Tour at the Soho Theatre from... more
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