Preview: The Week Ahead June 9 - 15

Aamer Rahman

Pretty spoilt for choice at the Soho Theatre this week. As well as Stewart Lee doing yet more work-in-progress shows, there are two very different shows opening on Tuesday. I haven't seen Tom Rosenthal do stand-up for a while now but I’ve seen plenty of him on television. He cuts a dash in a toga in Plebs and is about to return to C4 on June 20 as bickering brother Jonny in Friday Night Dinner. He is engaging, funny and super confident and brings last year’s Edinburgh show to London this week. 

Also at Soho but coming from further away is Aamer Rahman. The Bengali/Australian previously visited the UK as half of double-header Fear of a Brown Planet. Apparently Rahman was on the verge of giving up stand-up and then his routine about “Reverse Racism” went viral and he was inspired to go it alone. Rahman is sharp, stylish and takes his comedy seriously, exploring race and religion and making salient points while also finding room for plenty of gags. He has said that he won't be doing his reverse racism routine at Soho but even if he doesn’t this should be a powerful gig.

I’ve watched Sanderson Jones’ career with interest ever since interviewing him a few years ago when he was doing his solo show in which he personally sold all the tickets to his gigs and researched his audience online in advance. Then he launched Sunday Assembly with Pippa Evans and things have taken a turn for the weird. This kind of church-without-religion format has been packing them in in the aisles and spreading around the world. It’s certainly not your typical comedy gig, nor is it your typical religious service. It is more like a cult in the making, but in a good way. Read more about it here.

This Thursday there is a fundraiser – a “Funnyraiser” (ouch) – at the Central Foundation Boys' School to help people across the world start non-religious communities of their own. The line-up includes Sara Pascoe, Katherine Ryan, Luisa Omielan and Pippa Evans and Jones himself. Now we know why festivals don't have any female comedians – they are all busy doing gigs with Sanderson Jones.

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