Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Al Lubel

Al Lubel

If you want to get ahead get a good quote on your Edinburgh Fringe advert. Al Lubel has one from Jerry Seinfeld: “Al has one of the best jokes I ever heard.” When the master of stand-up talks you pay attention. America produces a lot of slick, conveyor belt comedians who have honed their perfect seven minutes for that all important chat show slot. Al Lubel is different. He’s a weird, mum-fixated neurotic with a hesitant, repetitive delivery. In other words he’s closer to Emo Phillips or Rupert Pupkin that he is to Louis CK or Chris Rock. But don't get me wrong, he is no Neil Hamburger-style anti-comedian. Seinfeld was right. There are real jokes aplenty here. He made his Edinburgh debut last year with Mentally Al and spent a lot of the time repeating the phrase "I’m Al Lubel" between gags about his strange life. This year he returns with I’m Still Al Lubel. Will the show move on from talking about his over-protective mother and reciting his name? Will he do the joke that Jerry Seinfeld rates so highly? Find out for yourself tonight at the Crack Comedy Club. A cult superstar in the making.

Al Lubel is at The Pleasance Courtyard from July 31 to August 24. Tickets here.


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