Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Ed Gamble

Ed Gamble

Nothing can make you feel old as effectively as seeing a talented comedian who is hideously young. Ed Gamble is that kind of comedian. I saw him supporting Greg Davies last year and it is not easy entertaining a crowd who has paid to see someone else and has to sit through you for twenty minutes. But rather than hurtle to the bar the audience stayed for Gamble’s boyish tales of embarrassment such as buying a belt with an oddly-shaped metal buckle and feeling as if you are being stabbed in the belly every time you take a step. Gamble, who also records a successful podcast with Ray Peacock, is not hip or cool, he is just plain funny in the best possible way. His profile is clearly on the rise – he is playing dim aristo George Carlton in BBC America series Almost Royal. Thankfully Gamble hasn’t ditched stand-up completely just yet though and makes his full-length solo debut in Edinburgh this summer. He previews his new show, Gambletron 5000, tonight in Shoreditch alongside Ahir Shah.

Ed Gamble is at The Pleasance Courtyard from July 30 - August 24. Tickets here.


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