News: W1A Returns For Emergency Bounce Back Conference

Broadcasting satire W1A has returned with a special online edition in which the staff look at lockdown options for the BBC.

Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), as ever, chairs the Zoom-style meeting and is joined by Anna Rampton (Sarah Parish), Tracey Pritchard (Monica Dolan), Simon Harwood (Jason Watkins) and Neil Reid (David Westhead).

Sarah Parish told BBC Breakfast that they had wanted to get back together for some time since the last series ended but until now writer John Morton had been too busy. 



W1A returns and hits the ground running. The BBC is up for charter renewal and so these are tense times for the corporation and it needs people like Head of Values Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) to steady the ship, stop it from hitting an iceberg and/or sinking etc, etc.


Interview: W1A's Hugh Skinner

Can you give us an overview of the new series?


News: W1A Returns

The BBC's self-mocking fly-on-the-wall sitcom W1A is due to return this autumn.

Journalists have just received a message from Head of Values Ian Fletcher inviting them to a screening later this month of episodes one and two of the new series.


News: W1A Returns – Official. Ian Fletcher Explains

The BBC’s Head of Values, Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), is once again throwing open the revolving doors to New Broadcasting House to allow the cameras to film W1A.


News: Filming Starts On Third Series Of W1A

Filming has started on the third series on the BBC satire about the BBC, W1A.

Earlier today Sara Pascoe posted a picture of herself on Instagram having her hair done with the comment "I love being Coco Lomax" – a reference to the character she plays who works as a 'trending analyst' for ridiculous brand consultant agency Perfect Curve.


TV Review: W1A, BBC2

Too many tossers on Top Gear? Not much of a surprise there. The first episode of the new series of W1A finds itself in a veritable art-imitating-life scenario when they have to do a damage limitation exercise on Jeremy "bleep" Clarkson’s latest fictional outburst, which involves trawling through old TG episode and counting up the times he has said “tosser”. 


News: W1A Returns With Life-Imitating-Art Cock-Up

The BBC press office must have been very pleased with itself when it came up with the idea of sending out invites to a screening of the new series of self-mocking satire W1A as if they had been sent out by the star of the comedy, Ian Fletcher.

The following email arrived earleir today 'from' Head of Values Ian Fletcher, who is played by Hugh Bonneville in the award-winning series: 

Opinion: Is Comedy Too Busy Laughing To Bare Its Teeth?

The world seems determined to laugh at itself at the moment. Co-producer Simon Cowell is sending himself up rotten in I Can’t Sing! while the BBC is ensuring that it is the butt of the joke in W1A on BBC2.

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