News: W1A Returns For Emergency Bounce Back Conference

News: W1A Returns For Emergency Bounce Back Conference

Broadcasting satire W1A has returned with a special online edition in which the staff look at lockdown options for the BBC.

Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville), as ever, chairs the Zoom-style meeting and is joined by Anna Rampton (Sarah Parish), Tracey Pritchard (Monica Dolan), Simon Harwood (Jason Watkins) and Neil Reid (David Westhead).

Sarah Parish told BBC Breakfast that they had wanted to get back together for some time since the last series ended but until now writer John Morton had been too busy. 

Jason Watkins and Hugh Bonneville had been tweeting to each other in character before, but this is the first time we have had visuals to go with the words. 

In the meeting the group discuss a way forward for the BBC under lockdown. They were in the process of putting everything on iPlayer back in the schedules but feared they were hitting "peak repeat" – "noone wants to see Dad's Army four hundred times..." In her interview with the BBC Sarah Parish hinted at the possibility that this short film might air on the BBC – a real case of art imitating life.

Was there another solution this brainstorm could come up withto deal with the new normal?

"Every problem is a solution waiting to happen," explained Fletcher. So that's all good then.

Watch W1A: Initial Lockdown Meeting here.


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