News: W1A Cast Mocks BBC's New Tagging Device On Twitter

News: W1A Cast Mocks BBC's New Tagging Device On Twitter

Cast members of BBC media satire W1A have reconvened on Twitter to mock the recent report that BBC staff in “key BBC locations” have to wear "social distance proximity devices" to ensure social distancing. The device being rolled out beeps if they come too close to their colleagues.

Hugh Bonneville, who in the comedy played Head of Values at the BBC Ian Fletcher tweeted in classic W1A jargon: "Yes no I mean I think Timmy* initially meant it as a bit of light-hearted new year you know but since Syncopatidistance went down actual barge poles are being handed out in reception. Is anyone across this? #W1A @jason__watkins @monicadolan"

Jason Watkins, who played Simon Harwood, Director of Strategic Governance replied: "Brilliant sorry Ian. I’ve got my social distancing pole stuck in the revolving doors here in reception. Currently jammed. Security can’t get me out became they can’t get near me because if social distancing.Must say I’m panicking a bit; I’ve squashed Timmys croissant. #help!"

And he added: "I’m hearing @BBCSport are refusing to be tagged. Apparently quite a few of them have already been ‘tagged’, if you know what I mean. #W1A"

Watkins asked: "Just wondering if you are near Dear?I know people have problems getting from one side if the building to another.Seeing lots of people wearing headphones to drown out noise of their distancing alarms. As we are in bubble, perhaps you can release me from the doors. No air.. #W1A"

Bonneville replied: "I’m still in Mary Berry**: T’s taking me through wallpaper samples again. Will be down asap. Keep calm. Try that breathing thing Romy from #BBCYoga was on about at the last away day. #W1A @jason__watkins @monicadolan

Watkins responded: "You’ll know more about how you want to handle the wallpaper samples-He just can’t make a decision!Isn’t Siobhan’s uncle Richard, arriving later to try to be the be new Chairman?Meet him round the back-distancing poles have made it like a game of Kerplunk at reception! #W1A
*Timmy presumably refers to Tim Davie, the current BBC Director-General
** We presume he is not actually in Bake Off host Berry, we presume part of New Broadcasting House is named after her. 

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