Tony Cowards

News: Another Pun Bites The Dust For Tony Cowards

The split of electro duo Daft Punk prompted a nostalgic anecdote on social media about a past Edinburgh Fringe show from comedian Tony Cowards.


Opinion: "This year's Fringe was easily the toughest I've performed at" By Tony Cowards

This year's Fringe was easily the toughest of the six I've performed at.

If I'm totally honest I went up slightly underprepared, my show was a bit of a mishmash with new bits cobbled together with some older bits from other shows.


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Tony Cowards, Just The Tonic at The Mash House

The rise of the pun comedian has been one of the interesting developments in stand-up in recent years. Tim Vine no longer has the field to himself, there is even a UK Pun Championship to find the country’s best wordplay wizard.

But they all - even Vine - suffer from the same issue. How do you turn an art form that is best suited to lollipop sticks and Twitter into a one hour show? Even Tim Vine warns his audience five minutes in that there is another 55 minutes of the same thing coming up.

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