TV Review: QI, BBC2

I don’t know if the QI team knew that Stephen Fry was quitting at the end of the series before they filmed the first episode, but there was one question that seemed to suggest they had an inkling. The programme had a medical theme and at one point Fry asked what part of your body can you live without.


News: QI Launches New Mobile Game

QI has launched a new mobile game. Qiktionary – "The Smart Way to Become Wordly Wise"  – is available now on the iOS AppStore.

Qiktionary is a game of logic and vocabulary, where players uncover a hidden word and are rewarded with a QI fact. The game offers a ‘Single Player’ mode for those who want to build a large library of interesting facts; or ‘Play A Friend’ mode for the more competitive word-game lovers.


News: QI Podcast to Go Live in Soho

The hit podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, presented by the "Elves" from QI, is to go live. The team will present a run of dates at the Soho Theatre from February 23.

Have you ever wondered who New Zealand’s National Wizard is? Or what colour the sunset is on Mars? Or how many chicken nuggets Usain Bolt ate during the Beijing Olympics? The answer to these, and many other questions, will hopefully be found at the live recordings.


Edinburgh Review: Dan Schreiber



Dan Schreiber is an unashamed geek and not frightened to admit it. He co-created R4's Museum of Curiosity and is a QI Elf and now he brings his love of obscure knowledge to the Fringe for his first full-length show, C*ckblocked from Outer Space, which is packed with fun facts and also a nice autobiographical subplot.


Classic Interview: Alan Davies

Alan Davies returned to stand-up in 2012 after ten years away with a new show, Life Is Pain, in which he tackled issues ranging from parenthood and pornography to Facebook and feminism. He was as funny as ever and fitted neatly into the new world of comedy where observational humour is king. Critics have called Davies a veteran, which seems to imply he is ancient and feels is a little harsh. He was born in 1966, the same year as John Bishop, and is four years young than Micky Flanagan.


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