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News: Stephen Fry Reunites with Alan Davies To Plug QI DVD

Stephen Fry and Alan Davies have reunited for the first time since Stephen Fry left QI to celebrate the release of volumes three and four of The Complete QI – a collector’s edition DVD box set.  The full box set, (volumes one to four) contains the thirteen ‘Stephen Fry Years’ of the show (series A – M), all of which are available to buy now.


News: New Book & Tour For Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry will be appearing live this autumn to promote his new book. Mythos is his retelling of the Greek myths. Bringing to life the gods, monsters and mortals of Ancient Greece, he reimagines their astonishing stories for the modern world.

These thrilling and racy tales of war, debauchery, revenge, love and jealousy have inspired artists and writers from Shakespeare to Michelangelo to Walt Disney.


News: Stephen Fry Blasphemy Probe Dropped

The Irish police have decided not to proceed with a blasphemy investigation following controversial comments about by Stephen Fry on a television show, reported here.


News: Stephen Fry Investigation Over Possible Blasphemy Comment

It has been reported that the Irish police force has launched an investigation after a TV viewer complained that comments Fry made in an interview on RTE with Gay Byrne might be blasphemous. 

The member of the public reported the allegation to Ennis Garda Station following a broadcast of ‘The Meaning of Life’, hosted Byrne, on February 20 last year. 


News: Have A Look At Stephen Fry's Cuddly Dick

The first picture has been released of Stephen Fry's new character in the Sky series Yonderland.

The actor/comedian joins the cast of the family-friendly fantasy for series three, which arrives on Sky 1 Sunday 16 October, at 6.30pm. He plays Cuddly Dick, a charming, avuncular and eccentric former Elder who returns to Yonderland after having been imprisoned for years by the now-dead Imperatrix.


News: Stephen Fry Greets Newcomers To UK

New arrivals to the UK at Heathrow Airport can now pick up tips on how to behave correctly from Stephen Fry. The comedian has shot a short guide to British etiquette for the airport’s wi-fi page.

Fry, who made the video in collaboration with writer Graham Linehan, explains that we are a nation “renowned for its sense of humour and little quirks” such as cheering when someone drops a glass. While standing in a queue to be served in a pub he suggests that "We Brits do love a queue."


News: Sandi Toksvig to Replace Stephen Fry as QI Host

Stephen Fry is to give up hosting QI. The upcoming ‘M’series will be his last and he will be replaced by Sandi Toksvig.

Originally cast as a team captain opposite Alan Davies, Fry agreed to chair the show as a last minute replacement for Michael Palin ‘just for the pilot’. But, from the first few moments, it was clear that he was born for the role.

News: Stephen Fry Says God is "Monstrous"

Stephen Fry has shocked legendary Irish TV presenter Gay Byrne with his outspoken comments on God. 

The QI presenter was appearing on the RTE programme The Meaning Of Life, which is due to go out this weekend, and was asked by Byrne what he would say to God if he died and went to heaven. 


News: QI Podcast to Go Live in Soho

The hit podcast No Such Thing As A Fish, presented by the "Elves" from QI, is to go live. The team will present a run of dates at the Soho Theatre from February 23.

Have you ever wondered who New Zealand’s National Wizard is? Or what colour the sunset is on Mars? Or how many chicken nuggets Usain Bolt ate during the Beijing Olympics? The answer to these, and many other questions, will hopefully be found at the live recordings.


Opinion: What Is A Comedian?

I wouldn’t claim to know every gigging comedian by any means. But when it was announced in the press that Stephen Fry was to marry stand-up comedian Elliott Spencer my ears pricked up. I’d not come across Spencer and couldn’t find any mention of him on any reputable comedy websites. Is it possible that he had slipped under my radar?


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