Murder In Successville

TV: Murder In Successville – The Brass Gnome with Richard Osman, BBC3/BBC1

It is hard to come up with a new TV format these days. So hoorah to BBC3 for commissioning Murder In Successville. Not quite a sitcom, not quite a whodunnit, not quite an impressions show, not quite a celebrity satire, not quite an improv show. Instead it’s all of these things. And it must be doing well, it is now back for its third series.

TV Preview: Murder In Successville Episode Breakdown

Improvised comedy-crimebuster Murder In Successville returns to BBC Three on 19 April with Tom Davis back as DI Sleet. The guests in this series are Richard Osman, Martin Kemp, Lorraine Kelly, Professor Green and Reggie Yates. The cast also includes Kerry Howard, Luke Kempner, Colin Hoult, Cariad Lloyd, Marie Lawrence and Tom Bennett. Below is an episode breakdown.

News: Date Revealed For New Series Of Murder In Successville

The date for the new series of improvised format Murder in Successville has been revealed. The first episode of the comedy crime-busting series will be available on BBC Three from 19th April.

The hugely popular series returns with an episode featuring Richard Osman as he joins DI Sleet, played by Tom Davis, on a mission to solve more crimes against the world of celebrity in Successville.

News: Murder In Successville Returns – Guest Stars Revealed

Filming has started on the third series of improvised crime-busting comedy Murder In Successvile. DI Sleet, played by Tom Davies, will be joined by more celebrity rookie cops including Professor Green, Richard Osman and Reggie Yates.

The new run of six episodes follows two series broadcast in 2015 and 2016. More names will be announced in due course.

TV/Online Review: Murder In Successville, BBC3

There is certainly a lot of improvisation about at the moment. We reviewed this yesterday and there is this show at the Soho Theatre.

News: Murder In Successville Returns

BBC Three has announced that there will be a new series of hit hybrid comedy Murder In Successville.

DI Sleet will be returning to the crazy town of Successville to investigate another string of murders, with a new batch of celebrity sidekicks by his side.

TV Review: Murder In Successville, Louis Smith, BBC3

And so this weirdly wonderful improvised whodunnit series comes to an end with Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, as the tabloids would say, as you’ve never seen him before. And not just because, as you can see in the picture here, he dons a dress at one point, but because he is forced to think on his feet, not just jump around on them.

TV Preview: Murder In Successville, Dermot O'Leary, BBC3

If you haven't become hooked on this bizarre impro-celebrity-reality-TV whodunnit yet I seriously doubt if this week’s episode is going to float your boat. But it is a good one. Dermot O’Leary is the showbiz rookie seconded to the Successville constabulary under brutish boss DI Sleet (Tom Davis). I don't think when he quit the X Factor earlier this year it was do this.

TV Review: Murder In Successville, Deborah Meaden, BBC3

A bit of a change of tone in this week’s improvised celebrity murder mystery. After Jamie Laing and Greg James being very much subordinate to DI Sleet (Tom Davis), Dragon's Den alpha female Deborah Meaden – not surprisingly – doesn’t take much in the way of shit from her superior officer.

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