Luisa Omielan

Edinburgh Review: Luisa Omielan

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House


Friday night in Edinburgh and the queue of predominantly women stretched down the stairs and out into the street. This was not a club selling Bacardi Breezers at 30p a shot but Am I Right Ladies?! – Luisa Omielan’s sequel to her indestructible smash hit What Would Beyoncé Do? Think Bridget Christie is the funniest feminist? She has competition.


Preview: The Week Ahead June 9 - 15

Pretty spoilt for choice at the Soho Theatre this week. As well as Stewart Lee doing yet more work-in-progress shows, there are two very different shows opening on Tuesday. I haven't seen Tom Rosenthal do stand-up for a while now but I’ve seen plenty of him on television.

Preview: The Week Ahead Dec 30 - Jan 5

As the final week of 2013 turns into the first week of 2014 the comedy circuit rolls on. While comedians pepper Twitter and Facebook with memories of traumatic, riotous pre-Christmas gigs that they have conquered/survived, the brave ones still standing are now gearing up for their New Year's Eve bookings. There are plenty to choose from, all over London. Some run until midnight and the price includes a buffet. Some run late and include a post-gig disco.

Preview: The Week Ahead Dec 22 - 29

If you are looking for laughs this week the comedy circuit has not quite shut down for the holidays. There is plenty to enjoy at the Soho Theatre, where Tony Law continues his run of Nonsense Overdrive. This hour of nuttiness is maybe not quite as well-crafted as his 2012 breakthrough show Maximum Nonsense, but it is still a fine introduction to one of the most beautifully off-kilter minds in modern comedy.


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