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Review: Frank Skinner On Demand With..., BBC iPlayer

I wasn’t sure whether to review this series. Judging by the first episode Frank Skinner’s latest BBC online show is basically 20 minutes-worth of plugs for other BBC online shows with a few gags lobbed in. Each week Skinner is joined by a special guest from the comedy world and they conduct their chin-wag in a place where the guest watches online programmes.

News: Frank Skinner To Host BBC Talk Show

Frank Skinner is to host a new weekly online talk show entitled Frank Skinner On Demand With...

In each episode, to be available on BBC iPlayer, Skinner and his guests will discuss programmes they have been watching on BBC iPlayer. The first three guests lined up are Lee Mack, Zoe Ball and Josh Widdicombe.

Skinner will go on location and present the show from wherever his guests watch iPlayer, from tour bus to sun lounger.

Frank Skinner On Demand With...will be available from November 13.



News Frank Skinner Returns With More History

Frank Skinner is to present a second series of The Rest is History, the comedy discussion show he created for BBC Radio 4. Recordings will take place at London’s Drill Hall and audience tickets are available here


Review: Frank Skinner in Dr Who, BBC1

So Frank Skinner joins a long line of comedians who have appeared in Dr Who, including Peter Kay, Catherine Tate and Lee Evans. His appearance as Perkins the intergalactic spanner-waggling engineer in Mummy on the Orient Express split social media pretty much down the middle. Some ecstatic fans on Twitter felt he should instantly become a regular. Others felt that the computer-generated scenery was more convincing.


Edinburgh Preview: Everyone's A Winner

I know that Edinburgh should be about looking forward rather than looking back, but 2014 may be the year that more previous Edinburgh Comedy Award winners are appearing at the Festival than ever before. Of course, there are more Edinburgh Comedy Award winners than ever before, but there does seem to be a plethora of them returning. Is it to cash in on their fame? Is it to show the young whippersnappers how it’s done? Is it just sentiment and trying to recapture the spirit they had when it all began? Is it all that and more?

Opinion: Reviewing the situation – or not in this case.

I've been going to comedy gigs for as long as I can remember and reviewing them for nearly as long, but last night there was a first. I was sitting in an aisle seat about eight rows back from the stage at Frank Skinner's opening show at the Leicester Square Theatre. During his set there was a tap on my shoulder. It was one of the ushers: "Please do not take notes." "Why?" I asked. "It's policy."

Opinion: Keeping It Real By Keeping It Small

Everybody must surely have a fantasy version of what the perfect stand-up comedy gig would be. This is mine. A smart, funny comedian sets up shop in London somewhere. A small club, where instead of doing a one-night stand they can settle into a relaxed run and play regularly to appreciative audiences.

Opinion: Social Media v Critics

The reports in the press today of an alleged incident between a comedian and a journalist who had been live tweeting about his performance underline something I have been thinking about a lot recently. That in the age of social media the relationship between performer and critic is changing beyond all recognition.


News: Get Intimate With Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner has announced a nine-show run in London. The West Midlands comedian and Absolute Radio DJ will be premiering his Man In A Suit show at the Soho Theatre from November 14 - 16 and November 18 - 23. It certainly makes a change from paying uber-venues – Skinner was one of the first UK comedians to do supersized stand-up when he appeared in front of 6000 people at Battersea Power Station in 1997. The attraction of the Soho Theatre, where he did warm-ups earlier this year, is obvious.


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