News: Marathon Radio Show For Frank Skinner With Some Help From David Baddiel And Other Comedy Stars

News: Frank Skinner And Barbara Nice To Write Plays

Frank Skinner is set to broadcast for a mega 10 hour stint to celebrate a decade on-air at Absolute Radio.

This Saturday 16th March, Frank will start at 8am as normal and will broadcast all the way through to 6pm. Kicking off with The Frank Skinner Show with co-hosts Emily Dean and Alun Cochrane, later in the day the presenter is set to be joined by friends including David Baddiel and comedian Tim Key.

As part of the live programming, Frank will also co-host Rock n Roll Football with fellow comic Matt Forde, sharing all the action from Saturday afternoon's football. He’ll then join for Andy Bush’s Indie Disco, as they take you back two decades for a show bulging with 90s Britpop and Indie classics. 

Regular listeners to Absolute Radio will hear a distinct change throughout the day, as all the jingles will be replaced with ukulele versions in tribute to Frank who famously plays the instrument. 

During his time at Absolute Radio, Frank has won countless awards including Radio Academy Awards for Best Entertainment and Best Comedy programme, as well as the award for Best Community programming for his landmark interview on climate change with former US Vice President Al Gore. Another award win was for Best Speech Programme, and upon beating LBC’s ‘Call Clegg’ he said in his speech “This is like the Very Hungry Caterpillar winning the Booker Prize”. 

Frank was reunited with David Baddiel in 2010 when the pair did a daily show from the World Cup, and Frank reflected the mood of the nation last year as England valiantly played their way through to the Semi Finals of the tournament, celebrating his iconic ‘Three Lions’ getting back to No. 1. in the charts.

Frank Skinner says “I have to admit I’m slightly scared at the prospect of ten hours of continuous radio. I’ll be extremely proud if I can get through it without a career-ending remark.”

Paul Sylvester, Content Director Absolute Radio said – “Over the last decade, Frank has consistently created some of Absolute Radio’s finest moments. His passion is unabated, his work-rate is phenomenal and his relationship with his audience is unbounded. The antithesis of many commercial radio programmes, this is a show which constantly evolves but remains true to its roots – a simple conversation between three friends. Frank’s 10th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to celebrate one of our industry’s biggest stars. “ 

Frank entertains more than 900,000 people every week and has delivered commercial radio’s most successful podcasts with more than 75m listens since the show’s launch. In 2015, Frank was inducted into the Radio Academy Hall of Fame.



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