Darren Walsh

Edinburgh Preview: Darren Walsh

There’s an old showbiz anecdote about the trajectory of stardom that goes something like this: “Who is X? Get me X. Get me a cheaper X. Get me a younger X. Who is X?” In this case X is probably Tim Vine and the younger version is Darren Walsh. Not that Vine is likely to get to the final forgotten stage for a long time yet if ever, but Walsh is definitely cut from the same punmeistery cloth. His style is witty, silly, playful wordplay broken up by silly, witty, playful illustrations.


News: Leo Kearse Wins UK Pun Championship 2015

Leo Kearse has been crowned UK Pun Champion 2015. The 38-year-old Scot won the award at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival this evening in a fiercely fought final showdown against Welshman Rob Thomas. Kearse was handed a bottle of fizzy drink and a rubber chicken by host Lee Nelson onstage at the Just The Tonic Club at Hansom Hall. Full line-up of final here and full review to follow...

UK Pun Championship 2015 Launched

The second annual UK Pun Championship has been launched by TV channel Dave, as part of their continued support of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.  The Championships will take place on Thursday 12th February in Leicester and follows the hugely successful inaugural championship which took place in 2014.  The winner of the first competition was Darren Walsh, who went on to take part in the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships in Austin, Texas. 

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