News: UK Pun Championships Final 2015

It's the final of the second UK Pun Championships tonight at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. The eight finalists will take part in the comedy equivalent of a rap battle, going up against each other pun to pun. The sky is not quite the limit for the finaluits but then again who knows - last year's winner Darren Walsh, who is back this year, did get a publishing deal out of it. If you like wordplay chick, sorry, check out his book Cheep Laughs.

Here's the full-line up below. The action kicks off at 7.30pm at Just The Tonic at Hansom Hall, with Lee Nelson hosting. Tickets here. As the Leicester Mercury says of the compeition, “there are no losers here - apart from the ones who lose”.




The finalists are:

Darren Walsh
Rob Thomas
Tony Cowards
Richard Woolford
Martin Croser
Leo Kearse
Richard Pulsford
Rob Coleman

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